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Haraa Logo
Haraa is a vegetable reseller brand that delivers and offers fresh farm vegetables at 4 exclusive stores in Ahmedabad. You get a variety of exotic and premium vegetables which are nurtured without using any pesticides or harmful substances.

Brand Introduction

Haraa is a  vegetable reseller brand that delivers and offers fresh farm vegetables at 4 exclusive stores in Ahmedabad. You get a variety of exotic and premium vegetables which are nurtured without using any pesticides or harmful substances. Haraa also developed an online application to deliver farm fresh vegetables to the doorstep. This client always wanted every design in a very creative manner. Here is an overview of how we conceptualized the design components of Haraa.

The Approach

We fully feel that when it comes to supplying and accommodating our clients’ top branding and product-launching concepts to the developing potential markets, we are among the best. Haraa contacted us to structure its brand in a better and more expertly develop its brand identity. As a result, we really creatively curated and delivered their expectations.

Creating a Logo

The company must establish its distinctive personality before a new brand becomes well-known. Offerings from a brand may be many, but if the target market does not well receive them, they risk becoming irrelevant.

The goal of CorpTeaser is to give businesses the opportunity to express their vision through powerful brand strategies and identity creations. Our team helps the brand tell a story that most effectively appeals to its target market and provides expression to the brand’s vision.

A brand’s logo is an extension of its mission, so we work with our talented graphic designers to make sure the logo accurately conveys the soul of the company. The next round is a protracted series of in-depth meetings during which our designers examine the brand’s product line, taking their suggestions into account at each stage.

For Haraa we created a logo that symbolizes its products. We have created a logo in which there are leaf shapes forming in each letter which denotes green vegetables.

Logo fonts

The logo will be utilised across numerous marketing and literary channels, therefore choosing the right typeface and typography is essential. In every zoom in-zoom out the size, it should be readable and clear. Fonts used for logos must match the brand’s identity and image. In order to provide our clients with a variety of options for choosing the ideal font, we first build a basic typeface from scratch. At the same time, we guarantee that the font complements the color scheme and looks beautiful in all dimensions. As a service provider, we place a high value on developing a logo typeface that is both decorative and simple but also pleasing to the eye.


For the brand, we created stationery goods like letter pads, business cards, and envelopes. On the previously decided colors, motifs, and logo, the design and style were rendered. The brand team received the options for the same.

Maintaining the same fonts and colors we have created letterhead for Haraa in which we have included all the required details about the company.

We made visiting cards with a basic style by adhering to a consistent pattern and applying the brand rules for the logo, typeface, and color typography.

  • Haraa Letterhead
  • Haraa Business Card

Product packaging design

A very simple yet aesthetic packaging was created by our team to emphasize more on branding. We created multiple options for the packaging design and delivered it to the client. In the end, we created a transparent side packing so that the inner grocery pack can be clearly visible.

  • Haraa_Product_packaging_design
  • Haraa_Product_packaging_design(apple)
  • Haraa_Product_packaging_design(orange)
  • Haraa_Product_packaging_design(sticker)
Harra Vehicale Branding 1
Haraa Vehicle Branding2

Flyer design

Flyer designing is another smart way for brand publicity. For Haraa we have designed multiple branding flyers in English and Gujarati to promote Haraa and its USPs. We distributed flyers through various mediums to our targeted audiences and also to target locations.

  • pamplet-gujarati
  • pamplet-Gujarati2
Haraa App Screens

Mobile App Banners & App screens design

For any app, the user should be kept engaged and attached to the app. For Haraa most of their business was done from their business application. Therefore it was very essential for the client to make their app look presentable. We have created mobile app banners and app screen designs that make the app look more presentable.

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