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National Tenders

National Tenders
National Tenders is a brand under the parent company, Marvel Infocomm Pvt. Ltd, a DIPP-recognized startup. It deals with tender search, bidding information and submission.

Brand Identity

CorpTeaser included saffron and green with the name of the brand being established in white, as from the national flag, in the pre-existing logo of the brand. The color palette involved was made sure to highlight the brand name and increase familiarity in customers.


Visiting Card

Following a consistent pattern and using the brand guidelines for the logo, font and color typography, we created the brand’s visiting cards, displaying only the theme color and brand logo on one side and personnel details and their contact information on the other.

National Tenders - Visiting Card


Retaining the same color palette, font and typography guidelines, we created the brand’s letterhead, including only the logo and punch line in the header, while pushing contact information and address to the footer.

National Tenders-Letterhead


We designed the envelopes for the brand keeping the same consistent color palette, font and typography. We included the brand logo as well as the logo of the parent company to enforce familiarity and keeping the overall design simple and sophisticated.

National Tenders Envelop


A twelve-page brochure, comprising important details about the brand was conceptualized. We had to ensure that each aspect of the brochure highlighted the offerings of the brand, which was to offer tender submission services, and accordingly, vectors, graphics and pictures highlighting the same were included in it.

Tenders are crucial because they allow government and financial institutions to work for progress, and therefore require credible, responsible entities that can best do the job. Towards that regard, we found it pertinent to add the brand’s certificate of recognition to the brochure to help the brand establish trust in the vendors who were their potential customers.

The design and color palette of the brochure as well as the font and typography of the content were kept the same as the website to enforce familiarity of the brand.

National Tenders Keynote Presentation

We created a 16-slide pitch presentation for National Tenders, including the most essential elements of why a growing business should bid for tenders. A pitch presentation is crucial and should include precise and spot-on information, and we rendered the presentation including the benefits of tender bidding and how the brand could help a business grow tremendously.

Website UI Design

To keep the website interface in sync with the newly designed logo, we used a color palette that complimented the logo without making it look out of place. A number of elements were added to the main webpage, including a search bar and relevant vectors best representing the services offered by the brand, along with a list of awards won, customer testimonials and blog post features.


App UI Design

To provide easy access for customers to use, the National Tenders App was designed with a user-friendly interface, with an easy login and an easy to use and navigate dashboard.


Email Signature

Email signatures go a long way in creating a lasting impression over one’s contact – old and new. We created crisp and compact email signatures that not only included the vital information of the point-of-contact but also a remnant of the brand logo and the details of the startup.


Social Media

Profile Creation

In today’s era, a brand cannot possibly have a good public image sans social media. To help create brand familiarity and establish a common portal of updates, we created social media profiles for the brand, designed a content and marketing strategy as well as created vibrant and informative graphics for their social media handles.


Cover Design

A good social media profile needs to be smooth across all edges, and a cover image is a big part of social media platforms like Face book and LinkedIn. To ensure that we utilized the space to showcase the brand’s offering effectively, we created a cover image for the brand’s LinkedIn page and a similar cover video for their Face book page.


We created a plethora of posts for the social media of the brand, comprising birthday greeting posts for the brand team, camping posts, posts highlighting individual offerings of the brand, posts about the features of the brand’s mobile app, etc. All posts created consisted of the same color palette, fonts and typography as the brand website, including their signature logo to establish familiarity and build brand trust.



Newsletters are an important way of reaching the group of audience that isn’t as active on social media. They convey brief information and updates about a brand and include CTAs for various things. We created the brand’s newsletter introducing their lucrative yearly offer. The color palette, fonts and typography was kept best suited to attract attention to the important information and urge readers to take note of it.



In addition, we also created videos highlighting several aspects of the brand offering. These were all stock footage videos that enabled the brand to help viewers get a glance into their manifold services.

National Tenders Department & Sector Video

Using stock footage, ambient background score and a voiceover, we made a video describing the everyday struggles that businesses may face in various sectors ranging from the banking sector, PSUs, state government departments to the private sector. We showcase how exactly National Tenders comes in handy in growing one’s business to newer heights through interactive info graphics and video snippets, try to answer the questions a first-time bidder may have.

National Tenders: Your one-stop service provider

We created a basic introductory video for the brand, where we extensively cover the multifaceted offerings of the brand. Starting with a brief introduction of Marvel Info-comm, the parent company, this four-minute video goes on to elaborate on the established image of the brand. It includes impact numbers and special services offered by the brand. The video also includes customer testimonials and goes on to show that the brand truly is a one-stop solution for all things tender.

Opportunity to grow your business multi-fold

The video showcases the offerings of the brand along with a Hindi voiceover and stock footage. It allows viewers a glimpse into the multifaceted importance of tenders in various sectors, and the ease of participation that the brand provides in bidding tenders.

Tender Information Service by NationalTenders.com

This video, rendered in animation, opens with comparing two different people who search for tenders using two different methods – online and offline. The video highlights the importance of the brand, and how it can help bidders save time and effort while looking for relevant tenders.

Tender Services

As a part of many short videos we created to individually highlight the offerings of National Tenders, this video showcases the various services offered by the brand in terms of tender bids.

Digital Signature Services

Digital signature forms a crucial part of the whole online tender submission process, and this short video portrays the ease offered to users by National Tenders to submit their digital signatures while bidding for tenders on the internet.

GeM Registration

This short video shows the ease offered to users by the brand in registering for the Government of India’s e-Marketplace. We highlighted the facets of services offered by the brand in bullet points, featuring ambient background scores.

Tender awarded Notice

This 14-second video features one of the important offerings of the brand, which is that it notifies the bidder when a tender has been awarded to them.

Tender Information

This short 30-second video highlights the systematic storage of tender information of every user, with an easy-to-use login panel and tender information and its related documents just a click away.

Tender Submission Services

This 10-second video was created to help users understand the variety of tender submission services they can avail of from the brand, from documentation to assist in technical and commercial aspects of the tender.

Bid Tenders in Indian Railway Department

This elaborative and informational video was created to sensitize viewers to the ways they can get their company registered in the Indian Railways and find new avenues of growth by availing relevant tenders out of the 1000-1500 tenders published by the Railway Department every day. Info graphics and stock footage were used to make the information in the video easy to intake.

Increase your Tender Participation Efficiency with Nationaltenders.com

This video, entirely rendered in animation to effectively portray the differences between looking for tenders by oneself, hiring an entire team to search for relevant tenders, and using National Tenders. The aim of the video was to make viewers understand the limitations of employees personally going through every tender offer and the lengthy documents associated with them, and the edge that National Tenders provides them, giving them access to more relevant tenders.

Award-winning Solution Provider

This 18-second video was created to sensitize viewers to the excellence of the brand and to disclose their credibility as an award-winning tender-bidding platform.

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