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A Unique blend of
social media marketing

Social media plays a very powerful role in today’s world. Any customer would first search you on social media and it makes an impression in their minds. We are a team of dedicated, creative strategists aspiring to help create long-lasting connections with the consumers on an online platform. We aim to assist your brand in developing original content and thereby targeting a larger consumer base. We embody innovation by employing the best in the
creative business to keep your organization ahead of the race.
End-to-end social media marketing solutions inclined to meet
your business goals, increasing ROI are some of the many
services we offer! Want to increase your social media
presence? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Platforms we work on

Achieve your business goals with Social Media Marketing

Increase reach

Increase reach and awareness

Social media is a platform with a ton of users ranging from small kids to the elderly, thus giving your brand more potential to increase its awareness and sales. It enables direct engagement with users, social sharing and promotes the brand.

High conversion

Higher conversion

Social media isn’t just a tool for connecting and engaging with your customers, it can be a fantastic tool to increase conversions. By coming up with the best social conversion strategy we help optimize social media presence.

retain audience

Improve and retain audience engagement

Visuals on social media tend to be retained in consumers’ minds for a longer time. These visuals ensure greater audience engagement as well as increased brand popularity.

Cost effective


This medium of marketing is an optimal solution for your business to save money whilst still communicating with the consumer base. With data about their followers, we help make informed decisions about the most cost-effective promotion strategies.

better roi 2

Generate better

Our company creates fresh and relevant content that resonates well with consumers. We assist you in choosing the right social platforms and social monitoring tools to maximize your ROI. Maintaining constant checks on the success of the campaign is just one of the many services we offer.

Boost likes

Boosts likes, subcriptions & leads

Increase in awareness on social media ensures better reach, leading to the higher potential to generate more leads. Cross promotions across different platforms is a great way of letting the consumers know where they can find you. We create valuable content to boost your website’s leads.

Website traffic


Social media is better than traditional media in terms of driving traffic to your website. They bring in ample opportunities to gain business visitors and convert into leads. If used correctly social media can become a great source of traffic that can help you establish a successful online business. We’re here to guide you in doing just that.

Target marketing


Advertisers target paid posts based on multiple factors such as demographics, interests and consumer behavior which help in narrowing down the audience. Though all of these viewers are not members of the advertiser’s target market, social media makes it possible to choose who sees your content.


What do we offer ?

Account Page Creation


Save time by having our team of experts set up your preferred choice of social media accounts and customize it to reflect your brand’s objectives and purpose. We set up pages and accounts following the latest and effective trends.


Cover Design


Our dedicated team provides you with a wide selection of cover letters, you can pick your own favourite from it. Cover pages are the most visible part of your social media accounts and we know how to create the perfect covers that resonate with your audience.

Social Byte Posting


Our attractive and eye-catchy graphics coupled up with our engaging content ensures that your audience is stimulated to scroll through your social media pages. We aim to create unique content that reaches the desired audience through results-driven storytelling that portrays your brand in a positive light.


Create video & GIF Posts


What better way to garner attention towards your business amongst a plethora of competition, than by using videos and GIFs. By using our customized videos and GIFs to demonstrate your brand personality, you can successfully establish a stronger connection with your customers and reach a larger audience.

Festival Greeting


Festival greetings are a means to connect with your customers while also promoting the brand. You can count on us to create the perfect festival greeting designs that can benefit potential customers while also keeping in touch and spreading positivity amongst others.


Customer Engagement


We aim to increase your brand value by creating and distributing content such that it ensures highest possible reach and response. By creating posts that are relevant, we encourage your customers to actively engage with the brand.

Progress Reporting


Trust our social media strategies to deliver results with regular monitoring and updating by our team. We provide regular transparent reports and also suggest potential optimizations to maximize your impact on social platforms.


Paid Campaign Management


We run and manage social media campaigns on your behalf so as to increase the user base and keep them engaged. We set up strategized campaigns and regularly update those and suggest improvements to optimize returns on strategies.


Why Social Media Advertising with CorpTeaser?

Creative Approach
Creative Approach

Developing new advertising strategies and keeping up with trends is a cumbersome challenge for businesses which is why we’re here to help. We use a mix of tried and successful methods along with out-of-the-box ideas to keep your audience invested.

ROI Driven campaigns
ROI Driven campaigns

For us providing you the best i.e. generating more ROI for you is our mission. We formulate campaign strategies by assembling perfect creative ideas with smart techniques. Gathering customer data to determine the best ideas for attaining the revenue objectives. This establishes secure relations with your customers while also increasing the ROI and brand awareness.


In deapth analysis & research
In Deapth Analysis & Research

Our professional team carries out extensive research to understand your company’s objectives and get to know your target audience well. This information guarantees personalized and effective content delivered directly to your customers.

Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Account Manager

Your account manager from our end will be completely dedicated to you for your growth. Manager combines production, creativity and social media management to ensure your business runs smoothly. The manager also monitors performance and customer engagement to ensure the social platforms produce the desired results.

Why Us

Social Media facts & figures

351.4 million

At the end of 2019, the number of social media users in India stood at 351.4 million.

2.4 hours

On average, Indian users spend 2.4 hours on social media a day


Social media marketing has reduced costs for 45% of businesses.


Almost 68% of businesses are using social media to generate leads.

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Web Design & Development

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We have been working with CorpTeaser team for last one year and worked on various assignments  for our products. We are highly satisfied with the creative team. They are prompt and delivers quality work on time.We highly recommend CorpTeaser.
Abhishek AgrawalCo-Founder of Design'N' Buy & Ohoshop
CorpTeaser has amazing team. They are very flexible to work on the projects and delivery time is very well accepted. They understand the requirements well and deliver as expected. Keep up the great work.
Amit KachhawaAVP Corporate Strategy, Etech Global Services LLC
Delivery very good quality creative work within timeline and produce very good quality animation and live videos too.
Kanu VaruSr. Manager, Monarch Networth Capital Ltd.

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