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Transit advertising – Non-stop promotion in motion!

Transit marketing is a powerful way to advertise when you want to address a wide audience. By advertising on buses, cabs, or other vehicles, you’re able to reach an audience of all ages. Transit advertising targets people as they commute to work, enjoy a night out, spend the day shopping, or drive around town, and most importantly on signals and traffic junctions.

This type of advertising is unique because it allows for creative ways to deliver your message and geo-target your audience. And unlike online or broadcast advertising, it can’t be skipped over or turned off.

With Transit Advertising, you can create a long-lasting impression in the minds of your target audience using their everyday modes of transportation. We ensure excellent promotion using the best modes of transportation!

What do we offer

Tricycle advertisement


Tricycle advertising creates a unique brand presence in target neighborhoods, in an eco-friendly manner. It is attractive and the best option where other means are impossible to go. Tricycle advertising also gives excellent reach through high-traffic. They are more mobile than the poster, much nicer and likable, and they draw more attention than a bus. Plus your target group gets into contact with the carrier much closer and much more emotionally.

Auto rickshaw advertisement

Auto Rickshaw

When people want to teleport, auto rickshaws are their first resort and preferred mode of transport. Our company utilizes this popularity of auto rickshaws to increase your profits. Far more eye-catching than banners or hoardings, auto rickshaws are one of the most efficient and easily executed outdoor advertising mediums. We mainly offer two forms of auto-rickshaw advertisement, auto hood advertisement, and auto vinyl stickers.

Bus advertisement


If you want to reach a variety of people and you are interested in large ads that are going to be traveling to many different locations, then a bus ad is the right choice. Circulating in the busiest areas of major metropolitan cities, bus advertising offers exposure to local commuters, drivers and pedestrians. Available in a variety of sizes and formats, ranging from side panel displays to fully wrapped buses, we offer top quality service with high-quality materials.

Cab advertising


Advertising on cabs in India is a more profitable and efficient way to build your brand’s rapport among the target audience. We see the entire cab as a blank canvas and we’ve mastered the art of making optimum usage of the space provided. This form of advertising is particularly effective now since we’ve witnessed a substantial rise in the usage of cab services like Uber and Ola. Therefore, advertising in cabs would attract a large number of clients and we can help you achieve the same.

Benefits of Transit


One of the benefits of transit advertising is that the audience is unable to ignore the message in the same way they might ignore an online advertisement. The large colorful design of a transit ad ensures that it attracts attention.


Transit advertising has the added advantage of offering flexibility in ad size and location, providing exclusivity in that advertising space.


It allows your message to run for an extended period and be repeatedly seen by your target audience. This longer exposure increases consumer familiarity with your brand’s message.


Through transit advertising, you can reach an audience of all ages, backgrounds, and income. You reach families, professionals, students, shopaholics, tourists, etc.


Transit advertising is a cost-effective method of reaching consumers for extended periods.


There is also no seasonality when it comes to exterior bus ads. Levels of awareness throughout the year for bus advertising on average stay the same. The season does not affect the campaign’s effectiveness.

Benefits of Transit Ads

Why to advertise with CorpTeaser?

Multiple options
Multiple options

We have multiple transit advertising options available with us to choose from.

One Stop Solutions
One Stop Solutions

We offer a one stop solution staring from design to execution of any kind of transit advertising campaign.


Premium Quality
Premium Quality

We provide premium quality of branding & advertising option on the move.


We deal with the complete transparency throughout the process of an advertising campaign.

Why Us

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Transit Advertising Facts & Figures

8-18 hours

Cabs, Buses, Tricycles are on the road between 8 and 18 hours a day, up to seven days a week.


Only Uber has 3,00,000+ weekly rides at airports in India.


More than 10,000 Uber cars are present in every major city.

Fastest Growing

Transit advertising is emerging as the fastest-growing segment of Out-Of-Home advertising.

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Auto rickshaw advertising

Auto Rickshaw Advertising

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We have been working with CorpTeaser team for last one year and worked on various assignments  for our products. We are highly satisfied with the creative team. They are prompt and delivers quality work on time.We highly recommend CorpTeaser.
Abhishek AgrawalCo-Founder of Design'N' Buy & Ohoshop
CorpTeaser has amazing team. They are very flexible to work on the projects and delivery time is very well accepted. They understand the requirements well and deliver as expected. Keep up the great work.
Amit KachhawaAVP Corporate Strategy, Etech Global Services LLC
Delivery very good quality creative work within timeline and produce very good quality animation and live videos too.
Kanu VaruSr. Manager, Monarch Networth Capital Ltd.

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