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Super Kidzee

A glance into how we conceptualised the design elements of the online kids’
coding academy

Processing Feedback

Super-Kidzee logo varients

After the rough pencil sketches were created, we incorporated the feedback of the brand to create a few other digital logo options. As you can see, these logos retain the essential coding parentheses and add new imagery to the logo. To take the logo creation process a step further, we also gave the brand name a definitive font.


Super-Kidzee logo varient

With our designers getting further feedback from the brand’s team, we finalized the logo, keeping the coding parentheses as essential, and fitting them into the outline of a hand, to signify that while coding is thought to be hard, it is actually well within every kid’s grip/grasp, and it is with these hands that the kids are going to create super codes in future. The curve beside the brackets represents the joy a kid feels while learning to code. The strikes, making for the fingers in the hand represent the speed at which young coders can learn coding.Furthermore, we added a punchline and some color options to go with the code

Adding Colours

Super-Kidzee logo varient

To add extra emphasis on the brand’s offering, we inserted the universal abbreviation for ‘engineer’ into the logo and created a range of colour variants that highlight various aspects of the logo.

Final Outcome


Once the brand team finalized the primary and secondary colours for the logo, we provided them with more variety in the logo by creating stacked and linear versions for the same, along with slightly similar colour options.


We developed stationery items for the brand, including letter pads, visiting cards and envelopes. The design and style were rendered on the colour, themes and logo finalized previously. The options for the same were provided to the brand team in three iterations.

Super Kidzee Envelop
Super Kidzee Visiting Card


We also drafted a document adhering to the guidelines we followed while developing the logo. The brand guideline document comprised of the do’s and don’t to follow while using the logo and overall general guidelines of logo placements for advertising, vendors, bid tenders, etc.


To develop the website for the brand, we got our best web developers and web designers to emulate the values and themes of the brand in the typography, outlet and colours of the website while also maintaining a user friendly interface.

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