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Society gate advertising

Society gate advertising provides advertisers the maximum amount of viewership for their products and services within the desired marketplace in the most cost-effective way. We help advertisers and brand promoters across all the industries to connect closely directly with the consumers. Residents living in the same residential accommodations, share the same economic background enabling advertisers to target specifically.

Backlit society gate advertisement boards

Backlit society gate advertising boards

Backlit society gate boards are especially hard to miss at night due to the bright colors. It makes the advertising eye-catching whilst highlighting the key selling points. Backlit boards will help in assisting your company to gain recognition by people who otherwise would never have had an opportunity to notice it. This, in turn, ensures an increase in its sales.

Non Backlit society gate advertisement boards

Non-Backlit society gate advertising boards

Non-backlit society gate boards are low maintenance and a popular medium amongst advertisers targeting a particular audience. It requires no added expenditure on electricity thereby making it a more affordable option. It is visible 24/7 and attracts the attention of a larger audience.

Benefits of Society Gate Advertising


This medium of promotion and advertisement provides a broad scope to the businesses for expanding their customer reach within a specific customer base.


This type of advertising helps brands target customers socially in the most cost-effective way.


It is the best way to grab attention, whosoever enters the society will look at the advertising which helps convert the audience into potential consumers.


These can be developed and placed in bulk for a longer duration of time.


It forms a direct link with the consumers, helping grow and maintain relations for future businesses.

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Why with CorpTeaser?

Large No. of Society Networks
Large No. of Society Networks

We have the database and association of over 1000 societies to run the brand campaign.

Prime Locations
Prime Locations

We have association with many prime location societies for better brand visibility for outsiders too.


One Stop Solutions
One Stop Solutions

We provide one stop solution starting from designing to the installation of the auto hoods and stickers.

Better ROI
Better ROI

Our auto ad campaigns have higher success ratio and generate better returns.

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Society Gate Advertising Facts & Figures

3 Times

An average person sees the advertisement 3 times a day.


At least in a month’s campaign a person sees the ad for 7.5 times an average.


Society gate advertising is 62% more effective than other RWA advertising campaigns.


It has 80% higher recall value then other forms of advertising for the mass consumer audience.

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We have been working with CorpTeaser team for last one year and worked on various assignments  for our products. We are highly satisfied with the creative team. They are prompt and delivers quality work on time.We highly recommend CorpTeaser.
Abhishek AgrawalCo-Founder of Design'N' Buy & Ohoshop
CorpTeaser has amazing team. They are very flexible to work on the projects and delivery time is very well accepted. They understand the requirements well and deliver as expected. Keep up the great work.
Amit KachhawaAVP Corporate Strategy, Etech Global Services LLC
Delivery very good quality creative work within timeline and produce very good quality animation and live videos too.
Kanu VaruSr. Manager, Monarch Networth Capital Ltd.

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