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Radio Advertising – A voice that reaches the masses!

Radio provides an ideal advertising medium for small and big businesses.
It acts as an affordable and effective means of advertisement especially
in our country where people of every age tune into the radio station
every morning be it kids going to schools and colleges, or adults
going to work.

It’s main advantage is the large customer base it attracts because as we spend more time on the roads, it’s natural to switch the radio on for some news and entertainment.
With Radio advertising, you can deliver a simple yet powerful message while reaching out to the entire city at once. Use this oldest form of entertainment to increase your profits by attracting the attention of every generation!

Popular Radio Stations
Where We Release Advertisements

Radio city
Radio mirchi 98.3
Mirchi love
Red FM
Radio one

Benifits Of Radio


The success of advertising increases with frequency and reaching your audience repeatedly. Radio is the perfect medium for this as it exposes your ad to the audience repeatedly to build awareness. Also due to the loyalty of people listening to the same station, you are able to impact the same people more often.


Radio ads take very little time to create with most up and running within just three weeks. So, when you need to match your ads with an upcoming campaign, the radio is there to help you out.


Since Radio advertisements are time efficient, they ensure the ability to adapt and react quickly to changing market conditions.


It allows listeners to use their imagination to create their own image of the product/service that you offer.


The RJs create lasting connections with their audience members through content designed especially for them. We help you leverage these tight-knit connections by having local RJs use their influence to promote your brand on their shows.

Why Radio Advertising

What do we offer

Jingle advertising

Jingle Advertising

Incorporating jingles into your radio ads help to drive brand recognition, set you apart from the competition and capture your audience’s attention. We help choose the ideal music genre for the jingle, appropriate length of the jingle, right time slots for jingles and also ensure repeated playback of your catchy jingles.

RJ mention

RJ Mention

Popular RJ’s can be rewarding influencers for your brand because of their huge fan following. Based on your product or service, we help choose the best RJ for your brand keeping in mind your target audience. We also explore innovative ways for the RJ to mention your brand name, increasing the chances of sales.

Sponsorship tag

Sponsership Tag

Radio sponsorships generate brand awareness through association with a radio station’s programs. Depending on your target audience’s personal interests, we help you sponsor various programs on radio and take maximum advantage of its listenership. By enabling you to choose a program that is in line with your brand message, we make sure your message is conveyed efficiently, to a highly engaged audience.

Radio contest

Radio Contest

Brands can give away prizes to FM Radio listeners who participate in contests run by popular RJs on their radio shows. We enable you to run interesting radio contests that can get the best responses and promote your contests to expand the kind of audiences you can reach.

Time check

Time Check

At regular intervals, you can remind your target audience about your brand by sponsoring time checks. Being one of the easiest types of Radio advertising, Time Check enables you to build a strong image of your brand. It is an ideal option for long-term advertising and helps build trustworthy relationships.



Updating riders of approaching roadblocks & plugging in brand names for the update, this option helps you cut down the clutter of advertising by dedicating a certain period of the day only for playing your ads. While enabling you to enjoy a competitive advantage this option brings the focus of your listeners exclusively to your brand. We help you choose the right time for this.

Radio commercials

Radio Commercials

We help you choose the most suitable slot from a plethora of Pre-defined time slots offered by Radio Stations for brands to promote themselves. These are the primary advertising elements radio offers, the oldest in the game.

Studio shift

Studio Shift

To help you drive traffic to your store or to any of the events you may be hosting, we suggest a studio shift wherein the RJ broadcasts the show out of a location that you decide. Through our exclusive business relationships with various stations, we make it possible for you to enjoy the best rates available.

Why to advertise with CorpTeaser?

One Stop Solutions
One-Stop Solution

Along with being the partners with all the commercial Radio Stations, CorpTeaser is capable of creating very effective audio ads, which are great to listen to and attract customers. We have got everything in-house and that makes us One-Stop solution for a Radio advertisement.

Professional Services
Professional Service

We believe in up to date professional service. From creating to editing we have got experts and professionals which make the process smooth giving out the best results.


Best deals
Best Ideas

Our Team brainstorms and spins the most effective and creative advertisements. With us, you do not need to worry about the effectiveness of ideas.

Better ROI
Better ROI

Our Customer satisfaction and growth matter the most to us. We ensure you the better output against what you’re investing. CorpTeaser takes total care.

Why Us

Get in touch with our friendliest
professional to get the best deals!

Radio Advertising Facts & Figures


After print, the radio has the second-highest ad-attention.


Radio ads are the second most effective in driving purchase intent.


0% of the country has access to radios which is higher than any other media form.

3 hours

The average adult listens to the radio for about 3 hours a week.

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We have been working with CorpTeaser team for last one year and worked on various assignments  for our products. We are highly satisfied with the creative team. They are prompt and delivers quality work on time.We highly recommend CorpTeaser.
Abhishek AgrawalCo-Founder of Design'N' Buy & Ohoshop
CorpTeaser has amazing team. They are very flexible to work on the projects and delivery time is very well accepted. They understand the requirements well and deliver as expected. Keep up the great work.
Amit KachhawaAVP Corporate Strategy, Etech Global Services LLC
Delivery very good quality creative work within timeline and produce very good quality animation and live videos too.
Kanu VaruSr. Manager, Monarch Networth Capital Ltd.

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