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Mascot Design

They say it’s all in the design but when we bifurcate design, it splits into many atomic elements and every one of those tiny attributes are equally crucial. The continuous tale of how we successfully manage to bestow our clients the great final product is our art of storytelling capacity and skill.

This time it was Techmantry who wanted to have an easily understandable but out of the box visual representation in the video format. We started with what we do, primarily. Brainstorming. With plenty of ideas colliding and merging, it came to a conclusion that a brand mascot is must.

A brand mascot helps spread the word about any business or brand. It can be a talking object, or an animal or a human. Remember, it’s not about designing a random character /cartoon. A wrong character can confuse the customers or even harm the brand image. Therefore, it’s vital to choose the right character for business, and like always, the design process is the last thing we think about.

Step 1

It all starts with the pen, pencil and eraser.Sketch is presented by the proficient and experienced graphic designer. It’s a tedious and creatively complex process. There are a lot of decisions to be made.


Step 2

Looking at the current positioning and the reputation of the client, the expert team decided to go with a human mascot. A young, funky, quirky, cool-looking but professional male. The devil is in the details and this is how it starts. From points to lines to shapes, the character is soon to be a mascot.

Step 3

Choosing the right character is just the beginning and when it has the right spectacles, trouser, tshirt, shirt, color complexion, hair style, height, swag and the perfect blend of creativity, the mascot comes into picture. It’s trial and error but the margin of error should be very negligible. It’s the client’s brand image at stake. It can never be risked.


Step 4

Keeping the client and their exact needs, the process moves forward technically and innovatively so as to cater the right visual and eventually to the end-users.

There are tons of variables that we have to take into consideration when we design a professional mascot. Is it a company or a personal brand? What industry are we dealing with? What kind of service or product? Does the competitor have a similar mascot?

Step 5

From altering the facial variations to jaw line to color of the trouser and shirt, t-shirt or capri, the permutations and combinations finally took us to the perfect looking mascot for our client Techmantry to which they green signal us and we, then, with fundamental standard process, starts with different angles and various postures/gestures of the mascot as that mascot will laugh, speak, stand, sit, walk, run in the video format.


Step 6

Now, it’s lifelike. It’s talking. It’s communicating. It feels like one of us now. Slowly, the ‘it’ becomes a ‘he’. That’s the last stop.

If only, the writing could explain the exhaustion and exasperation of the process, this is how Team CorpTeaser satisfactorily and successfully delivered what Techmantry wanted.

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