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Doctor at doorsep

We grew up watching movies in which every rich house had a family doctor who would come running anytime he was called. Dr at Doorstep is that family doctor for you!

Brand Introduction

Dr at Doorstep is a unique healthcare start up that brings every healthcare service you need at your home. They use Healthcare Informatics as a tool to provide you with all their facilities at affordable prices. The extraordinary minds behind this innovation are Dr Sejal Shah and Dr Charu Amin. The all round medical facilities provided by the brand includes best doctors, nursing care and lab tests like blood, urine, stool, x-ray, ECG etc at your doorstep.They also provide 24*7 Ambulance services and pharmacy facilities to their customers.

The ask

Being an online service provider, the brand needed an Online Marketing Strategy to widen their reach and that is exactly what we achieved for them. Our immensely efficient Result Oriented Marketing Strategy helped the brand in gaining online presence. Our careful optimization made the process even more rewarding.

Content Marketing


We designed creative Whiteboard videos for the brand describing their offerings and appealing to their Target Audience about their USP as an astoundingly innovative healthcare service provider. Every service has been mentioned separately along with the promotion of their mobile app. The helpline number has also been mentioned in the ad for customer convenience.

Social Media Creatives

Creatives for Social Media

Various creatives were designed for the Social Media accounts of the Brand on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube etc. They involved festive creatives, offers and informational posts for various occasions to attract new audience and remain in touch with the existing patients.

Dr_Door Step_social_media

Ad Campaigns

Multiple ad campaigns were designed for the brand to reach new patients who are in need. The campaigns were run on all social media accounts of the brand and they were successful in gaining new reach and brand visibility with their appealing contentin the targeted demographic.

Dr_Door Step_ad_campaings

E-mail Marketing

A successful e-mail marketing technique was used for Customer Management of the brand. E-mails were sent out to potential customers and follow up emails were sent to existing customers to maintain customer loyalty.

Dr_Door Step_e-mail_marketing

Omnichannel Marketing

Google ad Campaign

We designed ads for the Google search pages and various google websites to reach customers while they search for something that is close to the brand’s offerings.

Interest basedbanner Marketing

In Interest based marketing, we targeted the customers who were already interested in the services offered by the brand. We repeatedly showed them the ads that we designed to reach them so that their interest could get converted into a purchase decision.

Dr_Door Step_Banner_Marketing

Google search campaigns

By using Keyword Marketing for the Google Search Campaigns of the brand, we helped it in appearing on top of the Google Search Results. We upgraded the brand to the top ranks in Baroda for its services in the search lists of various websites like Just Dial.

Dr_Door Step_Google_search_campaigns

App download campaigns

We have successfully generated hundreds of leads and downloads by app download campaign for the brand, by using creative offers and discounts.

Dr_Door Step_app_download_campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

5 different Campaigns were designed for the brand and each of them was successful in increasing the reach of the brand at different point of time.

Covid Campaign

While people were afraid of stepping outside their houses, our covid campaign attracted them towards the brand that provided the much needed medical facilities at their doorstep.

Dr_Door Step_covid_campaigns

Dr at Home Campaign

The Dr at Home Campaign was curated to inform people about the various specialities of Doctors that were associated with the brand. It highlighted how the brand was providing doctors from MBBS to MD on one call, at home.

Dr_Door Step_home_campaigns

Healthcare at Home Campaign

This highly significant campaign was designed to create awareness amongst people about the various healthcare services that the brand provided. Right from 24*7 Ambulance to Medicines, Doctors and Nursing facilities, all were highlighted in the campaign.

Dr_Door Step_home_campaigns

Franchise Campaign

Franchise Campaignwas specially curated to expand the brand by giving out franchise. It aimed to reach areas that were still devoid of their facilities.

Dr_Door Step_franchise_campaigns

YouTube Video Ad Campaign

This campaign involved the creation of various creative videos for the Youtube account of the brand describing their offerings and USP.

Dr_Door Step_youtube_campaigns

Social Media Optimization


Our highly efficient social media campaigns increased the brand’s followers to 1500+ with thousands of reach and brand visibility. It also helped in lead generation and creating awareness about the brand.

Dr_Door Step_facebook_optimization


We created engaging posts and festive creatives that built an interesting profile for the brand with 500+ followers with group sharing efforts.

Dr_Door Step_instagram_optimization


Constant content posted on Linkedin and relentless efforts to connect with the audience led to more than 2K connections earned. They not only helped in gaining numbers but also in reputation management. We have also done personal branding on Dr. Sejal and Dr.Charu’s accounts to generate corporate leads.

Dr_Door Step_linkedin_optimization


Continuous activity on the Youtube channel, posting videos, pictures, and relevant content led to increase in positive customer engagement and impeccable Network Building.


Email Automation Programme

We created various auto generated emails for the customers of the brand to make sure they get the personalized treatment that they deserve. They also included follow up emails that helped in lead generation for the brand.


Strategic Whatsapp Campaign

In Strategic Whatsapp Campaign, we targeted the potential customers and designed messages that could lead to repeated usage of the brand’s services and increase in clientele.


Bulk SMS Campaign

Bulk Smscampaign is the tried and tested way for efficient Customer Relationship Management and we used it for the brand with the same objective. They messages were designed to stay connected with the customers and maintain brand recall.


Website Optimization

Pop-up Form

We designed the pop-up form that opens as soon as a customer visits the website of the brand. The pop-up form has been designed to get the information of the visitor to help them with the services provided by the brand and create awareness regarding other offerings of the brand.

Dr_Door_Step_Pop-up Form

Call to action buttons

It is very important for an ad to convert a potential customer into a customer. Therefore, we designed Call to action buttons for the website so that it is convenient for the customer to contact the brand in order to avail the services.


Landing page creation

This page is specially designed for effective optimization of the website. It notifies us about the visitors and collects their information, further leading to efficient targeting in the future.


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