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As a student, we have all gone through days when we have been fully prepared for an exam but still gave an underwhelming performance. Some of us never really found out the reason behind it but gladly, Brainflex360 did.

About Brand

Bainflex360 is an Online learning platform that helps students in preparing for entrance exams of various disciplines by formulating an analytical representation of their preparation and performance in the tests. The authenticity of the brand increases by the fact that its Founder himself, Mr. Adarsh Kumar Banka, is an IIT Alumnus. He along with IT Experts Mr. Ashish Benani and Mr. Vinay Sharma founded this amazing solution to the complexities that emerge as students prepare for various competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CAT, etc. Brainflex helps in identifying loopholes in the preparation of students and makes sure they are addressed before their final exams.

The Ask

Brainflex360 was founded recently in 2020 and hence, being an emerging name, market penetration was their first concern. We prioritized building their brand through multiple channels. We used Digital Marketing to create their presence online. Our successful Content Marketing techniques helped in launching the platform digitally and creating their virtual identity along with increasing brand awareness for a successful launch of the brand.

Core Branding Identity



The stationery is a significant part of a Brand’s Identity. A perfect brand launch is incomplete without it. Therefore, we designed some highly creative stationery items for the brand. The items included Letterheads, Business Cards, Envelopes, and QR Code etc. Each of the items was curated in a way that it spoke positively about the Brand. All the necessary information regarding the Brand was mentioned in the stationery and the design elements used were according to the brief.

Business Cards

Different designs were curated for business cards. The color scheme used was the same as the letterhead. In one design the front was kept blue with strokes of yellow and the bottom was kept white. In another design, the whole card was designed in blue. Along with employee details, the card also included a QR code.



Letterheads are used to stay recognizable by the internal as well as the external public of the brand across all business communications. The color scheme we used for the brand included shades of blue with strokes of yellow. The curves and shapes used in the design were in sync with the logo. The name of the brand was kept at the center top for complete attention and communications details were kept at the bottom.



The envelopes were kept visibly simple. Different designs were curated in envelopes as well. Few were kept with a white base and details were mentioned in blue to keep it in sync with other stationery products. Another included a blue flap on a white envelope. The brand name was kept on the top left according to standard envelope design templates.



The brochure that we designed for the brand was in sync with its brand identity. Just like the video, the brochure was also designed in a way that it informed the Target Audience about each and every service provided by the brand. The brochure effectively described how the brand would help students in reaching their goals and what makes them different from their competitors who offer similar services.

QR Codes

A QR code helps in establishing a connection between the brand and its audience as it takes them to a webpage consisting of their details. The QR Code we designed for the brand was kept in black and yellow to keep the brand identity intact.

brainflex-digital card

Email Signature

Email signature was also made for the client, as we all know it gives a professional touch to the email and feels more engaging to the audience. With the professional photo and contact details, we kept it very simple and professional.


Website Creation

The website that we created for the brand was completely in sync with our objective for the brand building. A user-friendly website was curated with all the required information presented in the most uncomplicated style. The website was optimized in a way that it appeared at the top on the search pages when the audiences searched for similar services.



In order to create an effective website, we used various on-page and off-page SEO techniques for the brand. First of all, the website was designed in a way that was user-friendly. The headings and descriptions were written by keeping the Keyword Search technique in mind so that more and more people could discover the website while trying to find similar services on Google. Positive ratings and reviews were increased on the Google page of the brand to maintain a positive image and reliability. With Local business listing, the brand’s offerings and details were uploaded on various websites like India mart, Just Dial, etc, and some more activities like PDF upload, video upload, etc was also done by us.


Content Marketing


We curated an animated infomercial for the launching of the brand while describing the services they provide. In the videos, we emphasized their USP and effectively presented them by using highly creative infographics. Each and every service provided by the brand has been described with utmost precision.

Social Media Optimization

For the Social Media Optimization process, we created Social Media Accounts of the brand on multiple platforms to build their presence online. Various campaigns as mentioned before were created and carried out on those platforms to gain followers. Gradually, the brand awareness campaigns worked and through them, hundreds of leads were generated along with thousands of impressions gained as soon as the brand launched. The Social Media platforms used during this process include:









Google my business




Omnichannel Marketing

Google Ad Campaigns

Various ad campaigns were run on Google for creating awareness towards the brand and for the grand launch.

Lead generation campaign

In this campaign, our aim was to inform people about the brand and its offerings and get their personal information, i.e phone numbers or email addresses in return to convert them into a client as soon as the brand launches. We successfully generated leads during this campaign that led to the creation of a wider audience.


Youtube Video ad Campaign

Highly creative promotional Youtube Videos were curated for the brand to increase brand awareness even before the launch. The videos were designed to inform the audience about the brand and the services offered by them.


Social Media Campaigns

YouTube Video ad Campaign

YouTube video ad campaign helped in brand penetration and presented the brand and its offerings to the audiences in the most clear and concise manner.


Email Automation Program

Launching automated emails were curated and sent to the Target Audience. In this program, the Target Audience was automatically sent an email as soon as they met a certain trigger of the process.


Bulk SMS Automation Program

In Bulk SMS Automation Program, Launching SMS were sent to the Target Audience automatically according to the predefined schedule. The schedule is made prior to the dates of dissemination and according to it, messages are sent by the system gradually over a period of time.


Bulk Whatsapp Campaign

Just like Bulk SMS Campaign, Bulk Whatsapp Campaign is also scheduled prior to dissemination foe launching event. However, just as the name suggests, the messages in this campaign were sent online through Whatsapp.


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